Positional Play

Train and play modern football inspired by the philosophy of Johan Cruyff

There is only one ball, so you need to have it.

Possession football

Cruyff football is a way of understanding football, a style of play where we seek to have possession of the ball for as much time as possible.

We understand that through this we can increase our chances of winning as we control the tempo of the match. It is important to understand that Cruyff Football is not simply maintaining the possession of the ball, when we manage to pass the ball in-between the lines and bypass more opponents, especially behind the defensive line, our chances of winning greatly increase.

Cruyff Football teaches us to play between the lines and avoid the opposition playing through our defensive structure, making them play sideways and backwards

We base our Football Style on three important aspects:


Controlling possession of the ball, moving the ball quickly with few touches to destabilize the opponent’s defensive structures.


Positioning our players well on the pitch, allowing us to be economical with our effort and well-organised to react quickly when we lose the ball to prevent counter-attacks and try to win the ball back in the opponent’s half.


Pressing aggressively to win the ball back as quickly as possible when we lose it. The best time to win the ball back is immediately after we lose it.

The way of playing

There are many more aspects associated with Cruyff Football involving the why, when, how, where and who of the style of play, and with our formative services we will share our knowledge of how to train and play based on this philosophy. We will share drills and tips in an easy-to-understand way to learn how to keep the ball, position players on the pitch and press to win the ball back. In some of our services, we offer temporary access to the Cruyff Football platform.

Cruyff Football Platform

If you are interested in getting to know the main secrets that the positioning game is based on, we are going to share with you the criteria which we abide to in each of the phases of our model so that you can increase the chances of success in your club, your team, or so you can grow as a coach.

Cruyff Football Platform is based in:


We offer the best knowledge in a very visual style which is understandable for all levels.


You will find a lot of information that will help you to create or perfect your own training and playing model.


Quality information, saving you a lot of time in internet searches.


We offer a platform that is always available, 24/7/365


Quality information, saving you a lot of time in internet searches.


We prioritize quality over quantity and avoid information overload.


Modern and updated content.