International Soccer Academy in Spain based on Johan Cruyff's methodology.

Mission & vision

The main goal of Tecnifutbol Academy is to share knowledge in the football world by forming players, coaches or educating executive teams and sport managers. That’s why we organise the opportunity to live unique and unforgettable experiences.

Tecnifutbol Academy realise activities for players like the residential programme, trials, campus, etc. There are multiple options from football tecnification of the player to live the residential programme of one season.

Coaches have the opportunity to do courses offline of 10 hours to a presential practicum of one season in Barcelona.

Executive teams and sports managers have the option to learn in the day by day of a football club or federation and by organisating sports events.


We base our Football Style on three important aspects:


Controlling possession of the ball, moving the ball quickly with few touches to destabilize the opponent’s defensive structures.


Positioning our players well on the pitch, allowing us to be economical with our effort and well-organised to react quickly when we lose the ball to prevent counter-attacks and try to win the ball back in the opponent’s half.


Pressing aggressively to win the ball back as quickly as possible when we lose it. The best time to win the ball back is immediately after we lose it.